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We work together to build great products and deliver them to our customers. It's through our partnerships that we bring the next generation of housewares.


As a family business, we believe honesty between family, friends, coworkers, customers, suppliers, & colleagues is important to building a better business.


We believe in transparency & accountability as a company. It's important to us for our customers to know who we are and where our products are made.

Our Team

small, efficient, & experienced

Elie Antar

Elie Antar


Brian Antar

Brian Antar


William Carlin

William Carlin


Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Facilities Manager

Our Story

about family

1501 Entrance(Original Art-Deco entrance at 1501 Unity St.)

In 1973, Elie Antar and his brothers Morris and Isaac, opened the first Valu-Plus (originally Value Stores) location in Philadelphia. It was one of the first discount variety stores in downtown Philadelphia. The store had lines down and around the block for their opening week of business until the shelves were clear. The Antar brothers knew they had the right formula. In 1987, Valu-Plus began importing products from the Far East. Over the next three decades, Valu-Plus grew into a regional chain, from stores all over Philadelphia, to New Jersey and Maryland. It served the urban community with affordable, quality products until 2010 when it sold to Rainbow Shops.

Only two buildings remained after the sale: the warehouse & a historical property in Baltimore. That property was restored to its original glory and Urban Outlet, a new variety store was opened in 2011. In 2015, the warehouse was reactivated and Promo Power Group was relaunched out of the old Promo-Power importing division of Valu-Plus. Urban Outlet became our partner company and they carry all of our products. Please visit them at 117 W. Lexington Street in Baltimore, just two blocks from the famous Lexington Market!

Promo Power Group is the next generation of the Antar family tradition. We pay attention to every detail & specification of every product we manufacture and import. We make sure that each product performs well and is sold at the right price. Packaging and branding design is developed in-house and carefully crafted before put into production. At Promo Power Group, we strive to find the right balance between product quality, selection, price, and beautiful packaging design for the new generation.

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we like creating them.